About Us (Old)

Our Process

Scyoc is a U.S. based brand redefining modern luxury using old world manufacturing techniques with each piece hand cut and hand assembled. After 15 years and an adequate understanding of genuine exotic skins we put together a specialized team of artisans and ateliers to offer you modern yet timeless handbags, accessories, and objet de vertu all crafted from the world’s most luxurious and rare exotic skins.

Every product on Scyoc is made with 100% genuine exotic leather. We make no substitutions – all material we use is either produced locally in the US or imported from the finest tanneries specializing in exotic skins. Before we start cutting, we handpick from our own stocked skins for the material that meets our distinct high standards for quality and scale/pattern consistency. We produce or import our own batches of exotic skins in the hundreds, or even thousands, differentiating ourselves from the other fabricators or contract manufacturers that have to rely on a supplier to send them the skins before completing products.


Our genuine exotic leathers are produced locally or imported through ethical licensed tanneries. Our skins originate from farms as well as International government sanctioned hunting programs. Many of our species are byproducts from the international exotic cuisine industry.

Distinct Fashion Built to Last

We are fiercely individual with high standards for quality. It is expected, and even assumed, that our customers hold this same standard. All products on our site are absolutely genuine, original pieces in timeless designs built to last for generations.



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